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Oberseminar Stochastics - Sommer Semester 2021

It takes place on Thursday, at 17:30 via  Zoom. (Meeting ID: 914 6014 2617; Passcode: 738471)

The seminar on 22. July will start at 16:00

22.04.2021 Nathalie Eisenbaum Some percolations involving Gaussian free fields pdfsymbol
06.05.2021 Maurice Duits Doubly periodic weighted tilings of the Aztec diamond pdfsymbol
20.05.2021 Fredrik Viklund The Loewner-Kufarev energy and Weil-Petersson foliations pdfsymbol
10.06.2021 Pascal Maillard Branching particle systems and front propagation pdfsymbol
08.07.2021 Fabio Toninelli Edwards-Wilkinson fluctuations for the AKPZ equation in the weak coupling regime pdfsymbol
22.07.2021 Jean-Christophe Mourrat Mean-field spin glasses: beyond Parisi's formula? pdfsymbol

Hausdorff Kolloquium 2020/21

It takes place 3-4 times each semester.


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