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Oberseminar Stochastics - Winter Semester 2021/2022

It takes place on Thursday, at 16:30 either in presence (if the speaker is in Bonn or is visiting Bonn, and if it is still allowed) or via  Zoom. (Meeting ID: 914 6014 2617; Passcode: 738471)

Date Speaker Topic PDF
14.10.2021 Panpan Ren (online) Exponential ergodicity for time-periodic Mckean-Vlasov SDE pdfsymbol
28.10.2021 Christian Léonard (online) Feynman-Kac formula under a finite entropy condition pdfsymbol
04.11.2021 Paolo Rinaldi (onsite) A Microlocal Approach to Renormalisation in Stochastic PDEs pdfsymbol
11.11.2021 Matteo Mucciconi (online) Free fermionic structures in KPZ solvable models pdfsymbol
18.11.2021 Hugo Vanneuville (online) Noise sensitivity of percolation via differential inequalities pdfsymbol
25.11.2021 Giuseppe Genovese (onsite) Change of variables of Gaussian integrals under Hamiltonian flows pdfsymbol
02.12.2021 Lucas Benigni (online) Start at 17:30. Abstract pdfsymbol_grau
09.12.2021 Mouad Ramil (online) Langevin Processes in Bounded-in-Position Domains—Application to Quasi-Stationary Distributions pdfsymbol
16.12.2021 Arnaud Guillin (onsite) Abstract pdfsymbol_grau
13.01.2022 Speaker Abstract pdfsymbol_grau
20.01.2022 Guillaume Poly Abstract pdfsymbol_grau
27.01.2022 Serena Cenatiempo (onsite) Abstract pdfsymbol_grau
03.02.2022 Speaker Abstract pdfsymbol_grau

Hausdorff Kolloquium 2020/21

It takes place 3-4 times each semester.


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