Oberseminar Stochastics - Winter Semester 2022/23

It takes place on Thursday, at 16:30, in the Lipschitz-Saal or in the room LWK 0.011 (marken by *)

Date Speaker Topic PDF
13.10.2022 Lihan Wang Quantitative convergence rate analysis of hypocoercive sampling dynamics pdfsymbol
27.10.2022 Dominik Schmid Mixing times and cutoff for the simple exclusion process with open boundaries pdfsymbol
10.11.2022 Piotr Sniady * Poisson limit theorems for RSK and Hammersley particle process pdfsymbol
17.11.2022 Lucas Teyssier On the universality of fluctuations for the cover time pdfsymbol
24.11.2022 Zachary Adams Quasi-ergodicity and Q-processes of parabolic SPDE pdfsymbol
08.12.2022 Simone Floreani Exploring the partial exclusion process in random environment via stochastic duality pdfsymbol
15.12.2022 Nathanael Berestycki Weyl law in Liouville quantum gravity pdfsymbol
12.01.2023 Romain Durand Conditional Uniqueness for a system of long hard rods in the nematic phase pdfsymbol
26.01.2023 Marco Falconi Renormalization at any order of lattice infrared QED_4 pdfsymbol
02.02.2023 Perla Sousi Phase transition for the late points of random walk pdfsymbol