Oberseminar Stochastics - Sommer Semester 2024

It takes place on Thursday, at 16:30, in the Lipschitz-Saal or in the room LWK 0.011 (marken by *)

Date Speaker Topic PDF
11.04.2024 Charles Bordenave Spectrum of noisy Toeplitz matrices pdfsymbol
18.04.2024 Mark Rudelson A large deviation estimate for the rank of a random matrix. pdfsymbol
25.04.2024 Sam Olesker-Taylor Fastest-Mixing Markov Chain on a Graph pdfsymbol
02.05.2024 Bertrand Duplantier Hamiltonian Paths on Random Planar Maps and KPZ pdfsymbol
16.05.2024 Stefan Junk Strong disorder and very strong disorder are equivalent for directed polymers pdfsymbol
06.06.2024 tba pdfsymbol_grau
13.06.2024 tba pdfsymbol_grau
20.06.2024 Andrew Swan pdfsymbol_grau
27.06.2024 tba pdfsymbol_grau
04.07.2024 (reserved) pdfsymbol_grau
11.07.2024 András Tóbiás pdfsymbol_grau
18.07.2024 tba pdfsymbol_grau