European Research Council Advanced Grant
 within the Horizon 2020 Programme

Metric measure spaces and Ricci curvature – analytic, geometric and probabilistic challenges

Project Head:Prof. Dr. Karl-Theodor Sturm [mail]
Contact:Birgit Bonn [mail]

Tel:+49-228-73 48 75
Fax:+49-228-73 67 16

Institut für Angewandte Mathematik
Endenicher Allee 60
D-53115 Bonn




The main goals will be

  • to analyze time-dependent metric measure spaces and (super-) Ricci flows
  • to study metric measure spaces with measure valued Ricci bounds and Ricci tensors
  • to further develop the stochastic calculus on metric measure spaces with synthetic Ricci bounds


Intense Activity Period: "Metric measure spaces and Ricci curvature"

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