Graduate Seminar on Probability Theory, WS 2011/2012

Time, roomThursday 14-16, LWK 0.003
StartSecond week of the semester
ScheduleClick here
SupervisionPatrik Ferrari (LWK 3.047)
ContactSend me an email in case of questions

Subject: Ten lectures Particle Systems

The seminar is based on the Durrett's lecture notes of the Summer School of Saint-Flour XXIII-1993 (published in the Springer "Lecture Notes in Mathematics" number 1608). Link. Other literature will be used whenever it is needed for a deeper mathematical understanding / constructions.

The systems under consideration are interacting particle systems spanning from contact processes, voter models, percolation, to predator-prey systems and epidemic models. Some of the question one wants to address are for instance

  • What are the stationary distributions?
  • When do interacting particle systems have a nontrivial stationary distributions?
  • When do phenomena like phase transitions or clustering occur?

If you are interested in participating and can not attend the informative meeting, please send me an email.