Animation of the TASEP with GOE-GOE shock

The applet is an animation of the interacting particle system called TASEP in continuous with:

initial condition: particles at time t=0 occupy every second site

dynamics: the particles, the small blue dots on the bottom line of the animation, try to jump on their neighbor site with the following rate: for particles starting on the right of 0, the rate is alpha, for the other particles the rate is one.

A way to visualize the configuration of particles consists of associating a line as follows. If there is a particle, then one puts a segment (1,-1), otherwise a segment (1,1).

''User guide''
- Choice of the angle of visualisation: "Angle 45" = the line is visualized as explained above; "Angle 0" = the same line is turned now of -45 degrees
- Nb Particles: is the number of particles which are used in the animation
- Jump Rate 1: is the jump probability of the particles starting on the right of the origin; By setting it less than one, one can created jam situations. Try it!
- Particles Radius: set the sizes of the particles in the visualization
- Speed: this number is in reality invertly proportional to a waiting time during two iterations and not a speed

The source code is also available.