Probability and Stochastic Analysis - University of Bonn

This is a list of my publications, ordered by year of publication and alphabetically.



A proof of the block model threshold conjecture
preprint, 2015
E. Mossel
A. Sly
Consistency thresholds for binary symmetric block models
STOC, 2015
E. Mossel
A. Sly
Preference completion: large-scale collaborative ranking from pairwise comparisons
ICML, 2015
D. Park
J. Zhang
S. Sanghavi
I. Dhillon
A law of large numbers for weighted plurality
Social Choice and Welfare, 2014
A multidimensional version of noise stability
Elec. Comm. Prob., 2014
Belief propagation, robust reconstruction, and optimal recovery of block models
COLT (best paper award), 2014
E. Mossel
A. Sly
Majority dynamics and aggregation of information in social networks
Autonomous Agents and Multi-Agent Systems, 2014
E. Mossel
O. Tamuz
Non-reconstruction in the stochastic block model
preprint, 2014
P. Netrapalli
On extracting common random bits from correlated sources on large alphabets
IEEE Trans. Information Theory (to appear), 2014
S. Chan
E. Mossel
Robust dimension free isoperimetry in Gaussian space
Annals of Probability (to appear), 2014
E. Mossel
Robust optimality of Gaussian noise stability
Journal of the European Math Society (to appear), 2014
E. Mossel
Standard simplicies and pluralities are not the most noise stable
preprint, 2014
S. Heilman
E. Mossel
Stochastic block models and reconstruction
Probability Theory and Related Fields (to appear), 2014
E. Mossel
A. Sly
Testing surface area with arbitrary accuracy
STOC, 2014
Majority is stablest: discrete and SoS
STOC, 2013
A. De
E. Mossel
Spectral redemption: clustering sparse networks
Proc. National Academy of Sciences, 2013
F. Krzakala
C. Moore
E. Mossel
A. Sly
L. Zdeborová
P. Zhang
â„“1-regularized linear regression: persistence and oracle inequalities
Probability Theory and Related Fields, 2012
P. Bartlett
S. Mendelson
Regularization in kernel learning
The Annals of Statistics, 2010
S. Mendelson