Oberseminar Stochastics - SS20

It takes place on Thursday, at 16:30 via zoom: Meeting ID: 984 5282 1716
Password: 048650

28. May 2020Alessia Ascanelli and Sandro Coriasco download pdfSolution theory for hyperbolic stochastic PDEs with polynomially bounded coefficients
4. Jun 2020Guillaume Baverez download pdfLiouville-Cauchy process and applications
18. Jun 2020Carlo Orrieri download pdfGamma-convergence and Large Deviations for some interacting particle systems.
2. Jul 2020Max Fathino pdf availabletba
9. Jul 2020Laure Dumazno pdf availabletba
16. Jul 2020Sara Mozzetto no pdf availabletba


Hausdorff Kolloquium 2019/20

It takes place 3-4 times each semester.





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