Stochastic Processes, Summer term 2014

Tuesdays 8.25-10.00 and fridays 10.15-12.00, Kleiner Hörsaal, Wegelerstr. 10

Lecture course: Andreas Eberle

Exercises:Lisa Hartung

Tutorial classes (german):Jörg Martin (We 10, N0.003), Anna Kraut (Th 8, 0.003)

Tutorial classes (english):Stefano Scrobogna (Mo 4 pm, N0.003, and We 10 am, N0.008)

Exam: 28.7.2014, 1.8.2014, 5.8.2014, 6.8.2014, 30.9.2014

The exam is oral. You have 30 minutes of preparation time in Room 3.044, and 40 minutes of exam in Room 3.045. During the preparation time you obtain three exercises and two questions. You should prepare for reporting on an exercise of your choice and on the two questions during the first half of the exam. During the second half there will be additional questions. An updated version of the lecture notes is available below.


Problem Sheets:

July 2014 Andreas Eberle