Probability and Stochastic Analysis - University of Bonn

Current and future teaching

Assistant to the following seminars

WiSe17/18: Random matrices and interacting particle systems (Graduate seminar, Prof. Patrik Ferrari)

WiSe17/18: Extreme value theory (Bachelor Seminar Prof. Anton Bovier)

WiSe17/18: Operator kernel estimates and their applications (Graduate Seminar, Prof. Margherita Disertori)


Past teaching

SoSe17: The Ubiquity of Gaussian Measures (Graduate Seminar, Prof. Margherita Disertori)

WiSe16/17 : Random Schrödinger Operators (Graduate Seminar, Prof. Margherita Disertori)

2016, November 7-19: Course on Random Schrödinger Operators at the CIMPA School on Spectral Theory on Graphs and Manifolds, Kairouan, Tunisia.

2008-2011: Teaching assistant, Department of Mathematics, University of Cergy-Pontoise, France (Calculus, Variational Methods, C2I-Certification Informatique et Internet).

2005-2007: In charge of courses, Department of Mathematics, University of La Serena, Chile (Calculus, Algebra, Functional Analysis, Analysis of Compley Variable).