Probability and Stochastic Analysis - University of Bonn


By E.Petrou

Exercise sheets

You can do the exercises in fixed groups (up to three persons)- but everyone should write down at least half of the solutions on his or her own. The solutions have to be handed in on the Friday of the following week during the lecture. The name of the tutor should be written down on each handover in addition to the name and the matriculation number.

Criteria to be admitted to the final exam:

  • 50% of the available points of all exercises at the end of the semester
  • worked on at least one exercise on not less than 90% of the exercise sheets
  • participation in tutorials on a regular base
  • present at least one satisfactory solution of an exercise on the blackboard

The exercise tutorials take place every Wednesday at Endenicher Alle 60

08:00-10:00   in room 2.040

10:00-12:00   in room N0.008

18:00-20:00   in room 2.040

For more details see the following (temporary!) group list.



Exercises Due dateNotes
Exercise 125.10.13
Exercise 208.11.13

(Ex.2 there was a typo in the indicator functions)

Exercise 315.11.13
Exercise 422.11.13
Exercise 529.11.13
Exercise 606.12.13
Exercise 713.12.13
Exercise 820.12.13
Exercise 910.01.14
Exercise 1017.01.14
Exercise 1124.01.14