Prof. Dr. Anton BovierKaveh Bashiri


Introduction to Stochastic Analysis
Wintersemester 2017/2018



Start of the lecture:               October 10,  2017,                                        

CP1-HSZ / Hörsaal 7,
Endenicher Allee 19c

Time:Tuesday   8 - 10,
Friday     10 - 12.

Lecture notes

The lecture notes for this course can be found here.


  • L.C.D. Rogers and D. Williamson, Diffusions, Markov processes and martingales. Vol. 1+2.
  • Philip Protter, Stochastic Integration and Differential Equations
  • Ioannis Karatzas and Steven E. Shreve. Brownian motion and stochastic calculus.
    Texts in Mathematics. Springer, New York, 1988. in Mathematics. Springer, New York, 1988.
    . Graduate
    Texts in Mathematics. Springer, New York, 1988.
    Brownian motion and stochastic calculus
    . Graduate
    Texts in Mathematics. Springer, New York, 1988.

Exercise Classes

Exercise Classes:1.)  Monday         8 - 10 in room 0.006 in the MZ,
2.)  Monday       10 - 12 in room 0.006 in the MZ,
3.)  Wednesday 10 - 12 in room 0.008 in the MZ,
4.)  Thursday     12 - 14 in room 1.007 in the MZ.
Start of the exercise classes:In the second week of the lecture period,

Collection of the exercise sheets:


Fridays before the lecture. 

Admission criteria 

  • Each group can consist of maximally 3 persons,
  • Each group needs to obtain at least 50% of all the points,
  • Each group has to submit at least 90% of all the exercise sheets.

Exercise Sheets

Sheet 0, to be solved in the first tutorials,
Sheet 1, due on October 20,
Sheet 2, due on October 27,
Sheet 3, due on November 3, Typo in exercise 2 2. has been corrected!
Sheet 4, due on November 10,
Sheet 5, due on November 17,
Sheet 6, due on November 24,
Sheet 7, due on December 1,
Sheet 8, due on December 8,
Sheet 9, due on December 15,
Sheet 10, due on December 22, Important remark was added in exercise 3!
Sheet 11, due on January 12,
Sheet 12, due on January 19,
Sheet 13, due on January 26 





The examination will be oral.


First attempt:

-Time: February, 5 - February, 13
-Place: Room 3.037 in the MZ
-Registration for a time slot: Friday, January 12, during the lecture.
-2nd chance: For those, who did not make it to the registration, please come to the office of Mrs. Wang (3.036 in the Mz) at Tuesday, January 16 between 10-11:30 or 14-15.
-3rd chance: Friday, January 19, 9:30-10, room 3.039. There are still people, who did not come to the registration! Please note that you have to register for a time slot, even if you only plan to do the second exam! In that case, we give you an imaginary exam date, but we need your sign.
-The final schedule for the exam can be found here.




Second attempt:

-Time: March, 15 - March, 16
-Place: Room 3.037 in the MZ
-Registration for a time slot: Please come to the office of Mrs. Wang (3.036 in the Mz) at one of the following times:
February, 16; 14:00-15:30,
February, 20; 9:30-11:30,
February, 21; 9:30-11:30,
February, 26; 9:30-11:30,
February, 28; 9:30-11:30.

Please note that the examiners are limited to this two days. Hence, if you also have a full agenda than please come to the registration as soon as possible in order to make sure that you get a suitable time slot for your exam. The earlier you come, the more options you have!