Probability and Stochastic Analysis - University of Bonn



A large-scale regularity theory for the Monge-Ampere equation with rough data and application to the optimal matching problem, with Michael Goldman and Felix Otto, [arxiv]

Measure valued martingales and optimality of Bass-type solutions to the Skorokhod embedding problem, with Mathias Beiglböck, Alex Cox, and Sigrid Källblad, [arxiv]

Martingale Benamou-Brenier: a probabilistic perspective, with Julio Backhoff, Mathias Beiglböck and Sigrid Källblad, [arxiv]

The geometry of multi-marginal Skorokhod embedding, with Mathias Beiglböck and Alex Cox, [arxiv]

Model-independent pricing with insider information: A Skorokhod embedding approach, with Beatrice Acciaio and Alex Cox, [arxiv]



A Benamou-Brenier formulation of martingale optimal transport, with Dario Trevisan, to appear in Bernoulli, [arxiv]

Monotonicity preserving transformations of MOT and SEP, with Florian Stebegg, to appear in Stoch. Proc. Appl.

Pathwise super-replication via Vovk's outer measure, with Mathias Beiglböck, Alex Cox, Nicolas Perkowski and David Prömel, to appear in Finance Stoch.

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Root to Kellerer, with Mathias Beiglböck and Florian Stebegg, to appear in Séminaire de Probabilités

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Existence and uniqueness of optimal transport maps, with Fabio Cavalletti, to appear in Annales de l'Institut Henri Poincaré (C), doi: 10.1016/j.anihpc.2014.09.006

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