Probability and Stochastic Analysis - University of Bonn

Abstract of "On time correlations for KPZ growth in one dimension"

with Herbert Spohn.

Time correlations for KPZ growth in 1+1 dimensions are reconsidered. We discuss flat, curved, and stationary initial conditions and are interested in the covariance of the height as a function of time at a fixed point on the substrate. In each case the power laws of the covariance for short and long times are obtained. They are derived from a variational problem involving two independent Airy processes. For stationary initial conditions we derive an exact formula for the stationary covariance with two approaches: (1) the variational problem and (2) deriving the covariance of the time-integrated current at the origin for the corresponding driven lattice gas. In the stationary case we also derive the large time behavior for the covariance of the height gradients.

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arXiv: 1602.00486