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Abstract of "Universality of slow decorrelation in KPZ growth"

with Ivan Corwin and Sandrine Péché.

There has been much success in describing the limiting spatial fluctuations of growth models in the Kardar-Parisi-Zhang (KPZ) universality class. A proper rescaling of time should introduce a non-trivial temporal dimension to these limiting fluctuations. In one-dimension, the KPZ class has the dynamical scaling exponent z=3/2, that means one should find a universal space-time limiting process under the scaling of time as t T, space like t2/3X and fluctuations like t1/3 as t goes to infinity.
In this paper we provide evidence for this belief. We prove that under certain hypotheses, growth models display temporal slow decorrelation. That is to say that in the scalings above, the limiting spatial process for times t T and t T+tν are identical, for any ν<1. The hypotheses are known to be satisfied for certain last passage percolation models, the polynuclear growth model, and the totally / partially asymmetric simple exclusion process. Using slow decorrelation we may extend known fluctuation limit results to space-time regions where correlation functions are unknown.
The approach we develop requires the minimal expected hypotheses for slow decorrelation to hold and provides a simple and intuitive proof which applied to a wide variety of models.

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arXiv: 1001.5345