Probability and Stochastic Analysis - University of Bonn

Abstract of "Two speed TASEP"

with Alexei Borodin and Tomohiro Sasamoto.

We consider the TASEP on Z with two blocks of particles having different jump rates. We study the large time behavior of particles' positions. It depends both on the jump rates and the region we focus on, and we determine the complete process diagram. In particular, we discover a new transition process in the region where the influence of the random and deterministic parts of the initial condition interact.
Slow particles may create a shock, where the particle density is discontinuous and the distribution of a particle's position is asymptotically singular. We determine the diffusion coefficient of the shock without using second class particles.
We also analyze the case where particles are effectively blocked by a wall moving with speed equal to their intrinsic jump rate.

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arXiv: 0904.4655