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Abstract of "Slow decorrelations in KPZ growth"

For stochastic growth models in the Kardar-Parisi-Zhang (KPZ) class in 1+1 dimensions, fluctuations grow as t1/3 during time t and the correlation length at a fixed time scales as t2/3. In this note we discuss the scale of time correlations. For a representant of the KPZ class, the polynuclear growth model, we show that the space-time is non-trivially fibred, having slow directions with decorrelation exponent equal to 1 instead of the usual 2/3. These directions are the characteristic curves of the PDE associated to the surface's slope. As a consequence, previously proven results for space-like paths will hold in the whole space-time except along the slow curves.

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ArXiv: arXiv:0806.1350