Probability and Stochastic Analysis - University of Bonn

Oberseminar Stochastics - WS18/19

It takes place on Thursday, at 16:30, in the Lipschitz-Saal (LWK 1.016, Endenicher Allee 60) or (*) in the seminar is in the room LWK 0.011.

Before the Oberseminar there is the Tea/Coffee time starting at 16:00 in the Plücker room or (*) in our stochastics room.

4. Apr 2019Jonas Wahl download pdfNonsingular Bernoulli actions
11. Apr 2019Giovanni Conforti download pdfLong time behavior of the Mean Field Schrödinger problem and associated functional inequalities
18. Apr 2019Ronan Herry download pdfStable approximation on the Poisson space
25. Apr 2019Christian Döbler download pdfQuantitative FCLTs for U-statistics with applications
2. May 2019Festkolloquium Albeverio no pdf available
9. May 2019Vittoria Silvestri no pdf available
16. May 2019no pdf available
23. May 2019Radomyra Shevchenko no pdf available
6. Jun 2019no pdf available
27. Jun 2019Nathael Gozlan no pdf available
4. Jul 2019no pdf available
11. Jul 2019no pdf available


Hausdorff Kolloquim 2018/19

It takes place 3-4 times each semester.


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