Oberseminar Stochastics - WS19/20

It takes place on Thursday, at 16:30, in the Lipschitz-Saal (LWK 1.016, Endenicher Allee 60) or (*) in the seminar is in the room LWK 0.011.

Before the Oberseminar there is the Tea/Coffee time starting at 16:00 in the Plücker room or (*) in our stochastics room.

17. Oct 2019Martin Slowik download pdfRandom walks among random conductances as rough paths
24. Oct 2019Johannes Alt download pdfExtreme Eigenvalues of critical Erdös-Rényi graphs
31. Oct 2019 Chiranjib Mukherjee download pdfA rigorous construction of the polaron measure and its strong coupling limit
7. Nov 2019Reda Chhaibi download pdfOn the circle, Kahane's Gaussian Multiplicative Chaos and Circular Random Matrices match exactly
14. Nov 2019Hao Shen download pdfStochastic quantization of gauge theories
21. Nov 2019Giuseppe Cannizzaro download pdfA new Universality Class for random interfaces in (1+1)-dimensions: the Brownian Castl
28. Nov 2019* Oleg Butkovsky download pdfNew coupling techniques for exponential ergodicity of SPDEs in hypoelliptic and effectively elliptic settings
5. Dec 2019Henri Elad Altman download pdfA wetting model in the continuum
12. Dec 2019Alexander Povolotsky download pdfStatistics of Avalanche Currents in the Raise and Peel model
9. Jan 2020Marton Balazs download pdfNonexistence of bi-infinite geodesics in exponential last passage percolation - a probabilistic way
30. Jan 2020Gabriel Stoltz download pdfLinear response of nonequilibrium stochastic dynamics


Hausdorff Kolloquium 2019/20

It takes place 3-4 times each semester.





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