Probability and Stochastic Analysis - University of Bonn

Oberseminar Stochastics - WS17

It takes place on Thursday, at 16:30, in the Lipschitz-Saal (LWK 1.016, Endenicher Allee 60) or (*) in the seminar is in the room LWK 0.011.

Before the Oberseminar there is the Tea/Coffee time starting at 16:00 in the Plücker room or (*) in our stochastics room.

19. Oct 2017 Cristina Toninelli download pdf Bootstrap percolation and kinetically constrained spin models: critical time scales
2. Nov 2017 Vu-Lan Nguyen download pdf End point localization in log gamma polymer model
9. Nov 2017 Peter Mörters download pdf Metastability of the contact process on evolving scale-free networks
16. Nov 2017 Karen Habermann download pdf Small-time fluctuations for sub-Riemannian diffusion loops
23. Nov 2017 No seminar no pdf available Hausdorff Kolloquium Ben Arous on Wed
30. Nov 2017 Theo Assiotis download pdf Determinantal structures in (2+1)-dimensional growth and decay models
7. Dec 2017 Lev Kapitanski download pdf On Markov statistical solutions of differential equations
14. Dec 2017 No seminar no pdf available Festkolloquium for Bovier on Friday
21. Dec 2017 Torben Krüger download pdf Random matrices with slow correlation decay
11. Jan 2018 No seminar no pdf available Lipschitz Lecture Ben Arous
18. Jan 2018 Pavlos Tsatsoulis download pdf Exponential loss of memory for the dynamic Phi^4_2 with small noise
25. Jan 2018 : no pdf available
1. Feb 2018 : no pdf available